"the new york jewish stereotype upon which fran fine is based does not exist in the russian cultural framework. how will we convey an equivalent caricature to our audience?"

"ukrainian. let’s make her ukrainian"

russia has this incredible talent of importing already dubious-quality foreign sitcom premises, doing the most minimal amount of cultural tailoring possible, then making them somehow ГОРАЗДО ХУЖЕ 

i’m watching the russian adaptation of the nanny and it is SO DELIGHTFULLY DREADFUL


SHIT its almost rosh hashanah smh i havent become a good person yet


the baby was looking in the food cupboards and i closed it and was like “luckily, he doesn’t have object permanence” and reina was like “no, i think he does! they get it by around this time” and i was like damn. the young one has already surpassed me

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