guess who has multiple intestinal ulcers

(it me)


This town in Russia is called Zheleznogorsk.

Their flag and coat of arms is a bear splitting the atom.


That is all.

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[sips alcoholic beverage through a straw]

addendum: i am aware that many women find themselves in such situations frequently and are able to handle themselves, but i am not among them, and still react to that kind of attention like a confused child executing evasive maneuvers from the kindergarten stranger danger assembly

remembered why i am reluctant to go out alone and it is because i am an ambulatory blob of irrational terror and exaggerated startle response!!1! some boys rapped on a window hooting and hollering as i walked by, a man at the bus stop gave me his number and very kindly said he thought he would be ‘good for me,’ that i was beautiful and intelligent, that i would ‘change my mind’ about it in a month or a year, that i am welcome to…move in with him…, i gave him false personal information, i am so scared of everything and cannot tell if danger is real or imagined

quietly cries on commuter bus

stranded at panera drinking SAD ICED TEA and catching up on russian political editorials until the bus gets here


For people who are actually interested in how viking music might have sounded, “Drømde mik en drøm i nat" (/I dreamt a dream last night) is the earliest music (and lyrics) known in Scandinavia preserved on the last page of the (~1200-1300) Codex Runicus as rune notes.

The song and melody is still known and used today in most of Scandinavia, as a sort of folk-standard. This version, deceivingly slow in the beginning, is presented as close to the original sound of the years 900-1000 as historians think they can come.

This song might have survived because it was a gigantic hit, like the viking’s very own “Billie Jean”. A total pop slayer that stayed around long enough for music notes to be invented.

The more you know.

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