The recognition that immersion in Gaelic Medium education works, as demonstrated by its steady popularity and growth (with no detriment to the child’s fluency in English), should be seized on by education departments where there is a Scots language tradition, to establish similar schools in their areas. Every Gaelic medium school should have introductory classes in Scots, and vice versa.

The languages of immigrant communities should also be introduced to such schools. There can scarcely be a community in Scotland that doesn’t have families of Bengali or Cantonese origins, and our Polish communities, making a significant contribution in so many other ways, could also contribute. Invite such people into every primary school in Scotland. Children’s brains are great, largely empty, sponges, well able to absorb a rich blend of linguistic fluids. There are many much less economically developed societies than ours that take multilingualism for granted. Let Scotland also show willing.


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also i am getting a lot of lukyanenko’s references ty based dr olga for making me read post soviet popular fiction and ty based v for recommending time honoured classics of the genre

i have great teachers

intertextuality in russian sci-fi more like [hearts in eyes]

when zemfira sings the word пьяный in this song it sounds like the word biały 


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Well…I did it.

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